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Beginners are a relative term: we have first time on the mat, mudansha, and yudansha (after all Shodan means beginning level).

While I admit that working with first time on the mat beginners can be frustrating not to mention not the most exciting thing on the mat - it was done for us and should not be begrudged when asked. If people are not up to my speed I slow down and concentrate on the technical - that goes for experience, age and body type.

We rotate a lot - no one person is stuck with a beginner very long.

We have no advanced classes per se, everyone gets tossed in togeather, did I mention we rotate a lot.

Everyone but one during the class will be paired with a more senior student at least once and there is a time for working on techniques appropriate to the level of the pair.

We do have yudansha seminars and guess what - we work almost exclusively on the basics.

Let's see Edward: first you condem most of what's said here as BS and full of hypocracy and then admit that your posts do not reflect your true opinion. I'm pretty sure that Andy would not have called you on it if all you did was admit to enjoy playing devil's advocate (welcome to the club. However, for someone so quick to dish it out you seem pretty incapable of taking it.

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