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Re: New Video: Aikijujutsu Nanadan

Yes, Sensei Toribio has been featured at the Aiki Expo's in the past, and has also performed demonstrations at the event. He is highly ranked in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (10th dan+) directly under Maasaki Hatsumi.

Tabi are popular to wear in Seibukan, although not required. Personally, I feel they're slippery and don't use them.

Sensei Toribio took all the ukemi for the kata sections of the test, for all students, until the graduation of the first nanadan. Afterwards, students would take ukemi during demonstrations. Also, it is no longer necessary to do all the katas, consecutively, to receive the next grading. Only the kata for your level. A new jo kata has been added, etc. The art continues to evolve. Here's the link to another excellent demonstration, by William Candelario.

Ron, each dan level in Seibukan is correlated to a specific weapon (nidan: sword, sandan: hanbo, etc), and by the time you reach nanadan, you can have a weapon of your choice. Sai was Sheila's choice, and I'm sure the rolling and jumping was probably her jujutsu spin on another art's signature weapon.

Boon, Seibukan doesn't have full randori (like Judo or BJJ), but has henka instead. She does henka in the chair and on the feet towards the end of the video. I ommitted most of the attacks for the sake of visual rhythm.

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