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Re: Poll: Would you consider aikido without a physical practice component to still be

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Chris, how many people that you know and train with approach aikido in a similar fashion to that laid out in Take Musu Aiki? I don't know any. None. Perhaps, as others have said, no one is actually doing aikido anymore? Perhaps I haven't read the book in question, I'm familiar with a series of lectures complied into "Takemusu Aiki" on, is that what you're referring to or is it something else that isn't in my library?
The part that you're talking about is just a section of the beginning of "Takemusu Aiki".

I know a couple of people who try to approach Aikido in a similar fashion. Few with the exact same religious perspective, but Kanshu Sunadomari comes fairly close in that respect, I think.

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Perhaps you'd like to answer your own questions and explain how aikido can be applied and learned totally removed from the physical practice of aikido?
First you'll have to tell me what you mean by "Aikido" - if you mean the spiritual/philosophical goals espoused in "Take Musu Aiki" than take a look around - there are any number of training systems that don't involve physical practice of a martial art.



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