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Originally posted by Edward

If you would have said the above to me face to face, you wouldn't have liked the outcome. However, I doubt very much that you would have had the guts to say it if we were face to face.

Very pathetic person indeed.... How old are you by the way?
Boy, I can smell the testosterone all the way from down here...

There are better ways of playing devil's advocate, Edward. It'll be more helpful if you point out what you consider bullsh*t and hypocrisy in a less confrontational manner. Piss off enough people, and they just might want to pay you a little visit.

I like practicing with beginners. Not because I'm 100% altruistic and only want to "help" them, but also because I want to find out if my aikido is up to snuff with an unfamiliar uke. This related to why I like practicing with big, strong individuals. Tossing around a partner you've worked with for years is great, but your aikido is sharpened in a different manner when you work with unfamiliar beginners.

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