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Re: Poll: Would you consider aikido without a physical practice component to still be

As usual my best answer was eaten by the computer when I attempted to post it so here I go again.

As a strict materialist I can not find basis for anything human to exist outside of having a physical component, but:

In that the question was insufficent, it was was poorly written.

"Except for blending with the void, There is no way to understand The Way of Aiki.Morihei Ueshiba" as it was also stated that there was disappointment that some youngers did not spend sufficient time in meditation in which I derive great benefit.

This question is one that is in the center of many or most of the philosophical questions today, but where there are those that do not care for philosophical questions and merely approach life as a vulgar expression of survival, existing, success, accomplishment, and the ego of making money is a capitalist society, one can also ask weither Aikido would be Aikido with out the intellectual components to which I answer NO.

If the question was phrased differently to state that we already physically existing, and developed cognitively with full understanding of the basic principles of Aikido, that yes Aikido would exist outside of strict physical practice.

Physical practice implies physical existence so it incorporates all that implies by mere association.

In closing I can not find reconciliation with many in their approach to life and living especially those consumerists typified by "industrial: society as they tactically rush to and forth without consideration of any long term strategy of an real nature beyond their own mere existence temporal and flighting.
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