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Re: Poll: Would you consider aikido without a physical practice component to still be

At the center of each shape lies the same immovable center.
agreed, for aikido this would translate as physical practice in my opinion.

While I'm more than happy with your caveats with regard to the physical practice of aikido in the examples you gave, I would have to ask you one question - if someone had never actually practiced aikido in the dojo, would you consider them ever able to "do" aikido in the rest of their life?

For me, the answer would be no. Often, I read people claiming aikido does this for them and aikido principles teach us that, sometimes to the point that it's some sort of spiritual panacea for the world. Here, I disagree. Theses principles/effects attributed to aikido aren't unique to aikido, but one aspect where I do feel it has a claim to distinction (again, not uniqueness) is where it attempts to blend these ideas with martial practice. So, to cut a long answer short -- no to the poll.
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