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Re: 10,000+ techniques

FWIW, in the Yoshinkan we say there are 150 basic techniques and some 3000 variations of those 150. In video footage that appears on Stan Pranin's Aikido Masters, where he is doing the translations, the Yoshinkan instructor speaking further says, from these 3000 there are over 10,000 variations. I can only speculate that he got that information from Gozo Shioda.

I was taught the number of techniques is infinite because for each person who does a technique, it's a variation; and if we do the same technique 20 times, we've done it 20 different ways because something has changed; and that you can never do the technique the same way twice. The reasoning being is because something mentally, physically and/or spiritually (did I use that word) has changed. Blood pressure, respiration, what you were thinking the first time versus the second time, etc.

So I believe the number of techniques are infinite, but also buy into the school of thought that one only needs to practice the basics. Once you've learned that, the skies the limit, so to say. So don’t get your hakama’s all tied up in knots trying to figure out how many techniques there are.
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