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Re: Secret Of Aikido?

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Interview with Henry Kono:

Showing me another quote from Bob Nadeau's article in Aikido Today Magazine, which says: "Once O-Sensei told me one day clearly and emphatically that the truth of aikido could be caught in a very short moment of time. If you catch the secret," he said. "You can do what I do in three months."

Anyone have ANY idea what the secret is or could be?
I found this statement.

The secret to Aikido

"I think of Aikido as a study in physical blending. Much of the "secret" of Aikido is in learning how people move, and how to coordinate in one way or another with that movement. It is sort of like horse riding, or rafting; there's this force that you're interacting with, and if you're good, you can -- to some extent -- control or direct that force. The sneaky part is that what you're really doing is learning to control yourself, which is much more difficult."
by Sean Russell

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