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Three years on a stone

Interesting thread!
Tamura sensei told me that Osensei had said to him about learning aikido: "Three days should be enough."
Then, there's the Japanese saying: 'Three years on a stone.' Even if you want to learn something as simple as sitting on a stone, it takes three years. On the other hand, after those three years you can do it.
I believe it to be true, sort of. After three years you don't know it all, but you know how far it can get you. So, you should reconsider whether to continue on this path, or search for another. You can also use it about teachers: After three years you should know what your teacher can give you, and you can decide to remain with that teacher or find another one.

Three days, three months, or three years. It's all the same - time is relative
The most intriguing question is what to learn, specifically, in order to learn aikido - quickly or in a lifelong quest.
I think it is possible to comprise the essence of aikido into a few factors that may or may not be possible to learn quickly. Maybe they are:
1 Find one's center, and let it govern one's action.
2 Extend ki - or breath, or intention, or inspiration, or what you want to call it.
3 Join with the attack, instead of resisting it.
4 Treat your partner with compassion.

Comprising them into one:
Show compassion from your center.

Just my three cents...

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