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Mike Haber
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Originally posted by powellca01
O'Sensei never taught weapons at Hombu Dojo, the instructors you speak of had to come up with their own weapons system. To say O'sensei was "Playing around" is again rediculious, people who have devoted there lives to the development of an art don't "play around". Saito Sensei lived with the founder, anthing that O'Sensei "played with" he used Saito Sensei as his ukei.
Many Koryu experts criticize the aikiken and aikijo that Saito Sensei teaches, saying that real swordsmanship does not cut like that and that the aikiken uses an artificially long distance or maai.

Does anyone know if Saito has ever been challenged by a kenjutsu expert and how he fared?


Mike Haber
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