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Re: Aiki Doh's

no an aikidoh as it happened at jujitsu (no aikido at uni *sniffle*)

kicking a 6'2 1st dan in the head and trying to tell him why it's his own fault
he was knelt on one of my feet and expected me to go flying across the tatami, it half worked, half of me started to fly, kicked him in the head and he did the rest of the flying
and there's the "don't you like sensei turner?" from the head of the organistation at my last jj grading, i was phsyced up to be throwing someone much bigger and more awkward to throw and then got JT who's lovely, but only the same size as me (about 5'6ish) and i know i can throw him and, well, he sorted went flying, even on techniques where he should only leave contact with me to fall to the floor
i apologised, i did, he laughed at me
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