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Re: 10,000+ techniques

The number 3000 (or what it was) that Ueshiba used I'm pretty confident came from the number of techniques in Daito ryu. He did actually give a couple of his prewar students complete mokuroku (how complete they actually were I can't remember but I think they were at least the Hiden Mokuroku.

However, in aikikai from some time back...
Modern "named" techniques irrespective of attacks and not counting omote and ura versions (in no special order:

Ikkyo (nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo, gokkyo, rokkyo, etc)
Kaitennage (soto, uchi)

Then some 20 or so clearly seperable kokyuunage, some of which also have names: Aikinage, Aikiotoshi, Sumiotoshi etc.

If one just for the fun of it estimate the amount of individual combinations of attacks and techniques I get (assuming all techniques are possible on all attacks and assuming about 10 of the named techniques have omote or ura or the like and assuming about 20 basic standing attacks:
{(10 x 2 (techniques omote/ura))+10 (techniques without omote/ura)} x 20 (attacks) = 600 standing techniques

Then for hanmi-hantachi waza I assume about 10 separate attacks with about 10 techniques (omote/ura) and perhaps 5 other techniques per attack gives:
{(10 x 2) + 5} x 10 = 250 hanmi hantachi. Lets round it up to about 300 techniques.
And let's for the sake of convenience use the same number on suwari waza:
= 300 suwari waza.

This ads up to a total of about 600 + 300 + 300 = 1200 techniques give or take a couple of hundred.
Not including ninindori and sannindori etc.

I would say that I personaly do about 200 of these 1200 (or so) techniques about 90% of the time.

Just having a boring time at the office!!


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