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Re: KI breathing

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
...Why don't you just admit that you are trying to increase your capacity for holding energy gained by taking longer more efficient breaths? Funny, that has been around since the dawn of time and increasing physical stamina and fitness? You can do that by learning to breath properly during any part of work, excercise, or play?...
Actually, I'm not trying to increase my capacity for holding energy(?) Ki breathing is done to deepen relaxation. You can do Ki breathing throughout most of the day without a formal breathing session. In fact, this is how Koichi Tohei Sensei trains daily.

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
...If a metronome helps you, go ahead, but it is much easier to use a variety of other breathing techniques for running, fighting, and meditating as each requires different amounts of oxygen to keep the body efficently supplied? What are they?...
Personally I like to use the metronome as a gauge to measure my progress. However to actually practice, I just do Ki breathing on my own without worries of time.

If you look at a variety of breathing techniques, you'll see many variations on a theme. Some breathing will be done through the mouth rather than the nose. Time periods will vary, visualizations will/will not be used. However the theme is always abdominal breathing.

Almost all serious breathing exercises promote breathing from the stomach rather than the chest. I find Ki breathing to be a simple, direct approach to abdominal breathing.

When you're doing something, you should do that thing completely! Don't worry about breathing, just relax and perform with confidence. That's why you were training your breath. When you need to perform, you can just put your breathing on autopilot and get on with the show!

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
...Or, get someone who actually knows why we use certain exercises in Aikido to breath and you will have most answers, but I have yet to meet one ... I guess I have to travel a bit more?
It seems to me that this is an area of thought rather than travel.

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