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Re: Poll: How physically effective do you think aikido is against a real knife attack

I emphatically vote no...Unless you are the type of Aikidoka who has an extensive background in some form of knife fighting and practices it consistantly.

I recommended this article to Sensei Ledyard a brief while back on Martial Arts vs Knife Fighting...In the Volume 15 Number 4 2006 Journal of Asian Martial Arts John McCurry and Eliot Lee Grossman J.D. wrote a great article titled "The Top Ten Errors of Martial Artists Defending Against a Blade."

The Abstract Quote: "There are ten deadly errors which make most empty-handed martial arts techniques against a knife ineffective. The principle error stems from the fact that few present-day martial systems teach the blade. The premise of this article is that to effectively defend against a knife,you need to know how to use one. The purpose of this article is to motivate martial arts instructors to analyze more critically thier unarmed knife defense techniques based on a clear understanding of the use of the knife, and to reawaken interest in the blade arts in the martial arts community."

The Article's Top Ten Errors...

1. Not knowing how to fight with a blade.
2. Improper Mind-set and lack of Blade Awareness
3. Incorrect Structure
4. Blocking
5. Kicking
6. Permitting Gaps Between You and the Attacker
7. Using Techniques Designed for Unarmed Adversaries
8. Ignoring the Adversary's Checking Hand
9. Failing to Follow-up
10. Unrealistic Training.

After careful study of the authors reasons I came to the conclusion that unless we revamped our practice to include serious and consistant study of the tanto that my students would be better off going to someone like Mr. McCurry to learn about knife fighting rather that suffer the perhaps fatal delusion that they are properly trained to handle someone with a knife. I sure hope Mr. McCurry's practice gains wider interest within our community.

William Hazen

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