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Re: Poll: How physically effective do you think aikido is against a real knife attack

Looking at the amount of cuts to the back that the officer got it would be interesting to get the details of the encounter.

From my own experience there are not that many members of Law Enforcement that are highly skilled in empty handed tactics to the point where one could handle a serious knife attacker without getting wounded. If he was trained properly he would not have abandoned any other weapon or leverage such as a stick to go empty handed against a knife. The training methods I've encountered make it clear that empty handed is your last resort for engaging the attacker, a weapon to increase range or a shield is always preferable.

I'm not sure the average LEO is as well trained as many martial artists in empty handed ability either, the operational procedures don't often require this skillset to be a necessity imho. So though the photos are great reality checks I'd not hold up a LEO as any standard for skill in empty handed tactics.

I agree with David V.'s comments above. Of the 2 training partners I've had who got into knife altercations both were able to escape uncut, getting posession of the blade while not severely injuring the attacker. One was a low kyu and one was no kyu.

In these things your will to survive is as important as any other factor imho and any tools to assist that survival is a plus for you, so I'd be hard pressed to say that one's tanto dori training, which brings into play things like peripheral vision, awareness, distancing, evasion tactics, dealing with an ambush, applied techniques etc. will be of no help to someone caught in a bad situation. Of course what I refer to as tanto dori may not be the same as others.

Part of Budo training is about analyzing and understanding violence to find ways to avoid it if possible and overcome it where necessary. No one said it would be pretty or easy imho.


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