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Re: Poll: How physically effective do you think aikido is against a real knife attack

I'm afraid I do not understand you then. From what I am gathering from what you are saying, it seems you ARE saying the attacker and the defender are variables - not constants (or no more constant than "the environment", "the time of day", etc. - which are also a matter of "it depends". Perhaps you can explain that part a bit more.

Yet, even if I am to understand your "how they respond" to not be a matter of skill level, when it comes to matters of victory and/or survivability, others in the thread have at least implied that they are not against understanding skill level as the main ingredient for "it depends". Hence my position. Regardless, and however though, the question posed is not asking whether Mr. X with his knife attack or Mr. Y. with his Aikido will gain victory. The question posed is speaking generally and thus looking at things from the point of view of "all things being equal". It makes no sense to say "but all things are not equal" or "in real life," particularly if one does not want to talk about skill levels, right after one wants to speak generally about a topic. The question, in its "generally speaking" already understands that the variables are endless, that it is pointless then to speak about this in any other way than generally, or in terms of all things being equal. Again, this is even more true when one does not want to speak in terms of skill levels. For these reasons, I feel what I wrote is still applicable - that martial arts, and especially martial artists that are concerned with combat survivability, are supposed to look beyond "it depends," to moves that don't just work against this specific person or within that specific environment, during that specific time, but toward what are considered "high percentage tactics and strategies" - moves that function generally, and generally well. Don't get me wrong, it still depends, it will always depend, but at the level of practice that takes place via contemplation and training, where the position of "all things being equal" is always assumed, this is only stating the obvious and thus no reason at all for understanding one's training one way and not another. In other words, "it depends" has everything to do with reality and nothing to do with this question.


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