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Brian Vickery
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Originally posted by Edward

I am the kind of person who likes training at the highest pace. If at the end of the class, my tongue is not touching the floor, I feel very bad about it and that I didn't train hard enough.

Hello Edward,

...As you admire the benevolence of aikidoka, I admire your honesty, BUT...

With all due respect, are you confusing 'effectivity' with 'activity'?!?! Hey, if it's a workout that you are looking for, why don't you simply take an aerobics class? It would more fully meet your requirement of fast paced training!

...the pace of the class has absolutely NOTHING to do with effectiveness my friend! And as many have already stated, there's no better way to learn how to effectively execute a technique than to try it on a beginner.

...this is just my humble opinion though!


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