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Re: Parsing ai ki do

Dan Botari wrote: View Post
Do you view "the universe" as a separate entity from yourself? Your comment seems to suggest that if we are "passively receptive" the answers will come to us with no work needed no introspection or thought, "the universe" will just drop the answer into your head "one day".

To "new age" for me. If we take the eastern tradition (buddhist) that the goal is to become one with the universe, then we have the answers within us we just need to discover them. This takes some effort on our part. Introspection - to me a least- is not a passive exercise. It requires some of the hardest work and and a level of honesty (with yourself) that many are not willing to put forth.
I agree that some people are involved in that which you are referring to. I can hear that it has effected your ability to hear that training is that to which I'm referring. As a buddhist are you familiar with the term Mu? It means 'nothing' or 'everything' depending on your vantage point. As in mushin training ( no mindedly). This is when you can hear everything else that isn't your thoughts.In or out.

As for what my post sounds like it is suggesting:
Your interpretation is your own, your inferences of my thought process are completely generated from your experience and not my post and it is unfortunate that so much debris lies in the way when we ask for active listening.

So let me be clear on this. Nothing drops in your lap ( And if it did and you weren't prepared, you wouldn't know it). You work for it. You train mother f99999ing hard for it and you train the idiot out of your own head until you can hear the genius that is universal law ( by the way the universe is within and without) and not your stupid thoughts about this or that. When the freight express, known as aikido to some, delivers its goods into your training you will have been listening well enough to get it. You discover that what you are 'doing' is piss against what is 'being'. And then you will certainly rise to the occassion. When you hit that wall at a million miles an hour you will realize that nothing about this is passive. You just better hope you've got the ukemi to back it up.

So keep training as hard as you do and as hard as I have. Maybe someday we'll meet and I'll have more written language for this and you'll have more ears to hear it. Most likely our training will speak the volumes our words cannot. Hopefully, we'll learn some truth from our training and hear the voice of the universe that breathes through it ( or the pulse of the universe as it beats. O' Senseis words, not my own particular new age bulls55t).

Peace Out and Not so PC on the West Coast.

jen smith

By the way, I've worked extremely hard for anything I have gained. I don't have a right to it.I don't deserve it. I'm not entitled to it. I'm gratefully graced with it, though.

Also, my use of the word you is not intended directly toward you; it is a word that means Me and One.

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