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Re: Aikido & Judo

Some people do what I call "weight lifting" judo (and aikido) that makes them use their body in ways that facilitate static lifting and rotating movements. This, to me, does seem awkward and uncomfortable.

Ippon seoinage need be nothing more than turning around while lowering your hips a bit and looking around your shoulder as you turn. Nothing in your body should be out of line. Granted you have to do that turn at the right time in the right place in coordination with what the other person is doing... Watch Mifune Kyuzo Sensei do it on film. You shouldn't redesign the human structure in order to do budo efficiently. I'll admit, I learned similar ways to what you're describing for the first ten years or so that I did judo. Thankfully I found teachers that corrected that and it continues to work better and better for the past forty years.

Addition: after posting this I see that a couple of folks beat me to it...

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