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Re: Aikido & Judo

It's my understanding that Ueshiba was pretty much a rough-n-tumble badboy. Tons of muscle stacked on tons of more muscle. On top of that he had plenty of training. So he had the leverage/strength/speed thing down. But as he aged it occurred to him that he wouldn't have that forever, and since he had the understaning of kuzushi/tsukuri/ma-ai/etc... he reasoned that those elements would allow the weaker, smaller, slower person to overpower the larger.

It is my opinion that if you first train a person to rely on strength, speed, and leverage, you must then "untrain" them so that they dispose of those elements when executing waza. If one starts out training for the "inner" elements first, the "outer" elements become icing on the cake, or extra tools in the tool box. I think that was Ueshiba's thinking.
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