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Re: Iwama Tai Sai 1 year on from Gaku Homma's article "A Dangerous Message"

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I am not Demetrio, but I will give my opinion. I really have no desire to be involved with this sort of 'aikido politics'. Mr Homma wrote an article and gave his opinion from his viewpoint, neither of which are shared by others in Iwama.

The IAF held a meeting in Paris last month and Hiroshi Isoyama Shihan took part. The meeting lasted for a week and I had many occasions to talk to Isoyama Shihan. Of course we discussed training in Iwama, both when Saito Morihiro Shihan was alive and now.

However, since the discussion last year apparently did not "get to the heart of the matter", I leave that to others who are closer to the heart of the matter than I am. If you look at the English version of the Aikikai Hombu website, you can see information about the Ibaragi Shibu Dojo and can access the Dojo's website, in English and Japanese. Both versions have an e-mail address for Shigemi Inagaki.

So I suggest that you guys put your money where your mouths are and contact the Ibaragi Dojo directly. Tell him about the Homma article and ask him for his opinion.
I agree that it is important and fruitful for people with interest and operarating opinions to get more information about this subject. I believe that the population of aikido should recommend and voice their views based on their feelings and perceptions. Right or Wrong, as it were, our voices and will are connected and information is enlightening.

O'Sensei let us know,
"Aikido is a way to create the world as one family."
it is up to us as to whether that will be a functional or a disfunctional family.

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