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Re: Alternative Method fo Sankyo

Michael Douglas wrote: View Post
No, you're applying sankyo only.
You are in no way applying nickyo. Twisting the hand/wrist towards uke while horizontal isn't really nickyo, here it's just part of sankyo.
You really have to see and feel it in person. It's not like any sankyo I've personally seen or felt done by an Aikidoka. I am not "just twisting the hand/wrist towards uke while horizontal." The pictures make it look like that, but that's my own fault for not being able to put into writing what I am doing. Again, I don't claim to be doing anything new or innovative here. I'm just applying a few principles, as I've learned them, in a different way compared to how I've seen other Aikidoka use them.

Actually the term 'body lock' is already taken. What you are doing is sankyo, no need to call it a joint lock if you don't want to.
I wasn't really talking about this particular lock, specifically. I was more so making a generalization to all joint locks. My point was that most people I've worked with focus their intent on manipulating the joint or point of contact only. Rather than looking at the big picture and larger objective of manipulting all of Uke. Hence, the term "joint lock" is somewhat misleading because your intent (at least my intent) is not solely on the "joint."

I liked the pictures, but you really really need to post a series with your hands doing the job too.
Thank you for the comment on the pictures.

I need to find an Uke first. I'm actually not anywhere near a dojo at the moment and might not be for some time. That's why I had to use my girlfriend

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