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Re: Poll: How physically effective do you think aikido is against a real knife attack

Craig Hocker wrote: View Post
This goes for any encounter with someone armed with a weapon in general. Your number two however I would say includes technique. Part of being better equipped through an encounter would be having technical proficiency.

of course the real kicker is even the best trained freeze in real situations and you don't know whether you will till you are in it, so the ideal world is your number 3, not to be in it. Not always possible. I am skeptical when people start talking about warrior mindset, to me it smacks of sophistry.
I would agree - this applies to all weapon-involved scenarios, but in real life, where the presence of a weapon is not only possible but can make all the difference, I would not want to lump this in with "technique." It's more than technique - enough to warrant it's own discussion and even it's own type of training. For example, in our arrest and control training, we look to the three elements I gave, and if we get them all right, we do not even have to apply a technique - certainly nothing out of grappling art. In other words, if we control the space/time properly, we do not need element two; if we didn't control the space/time properly, and we had to employ the second element, if we do that correctly, we look for more lethal instruments at our disposal - not our hands and/or our wrestling skills; etc. Technique, grappling technique, is so far down the scale of what all one should do or can do that one should acknowledge that he/she has been screwing up tactically for a long time before that point, and thus that the odds are slowly (or quickly) falling away from one's favor (no matter what one does or does not do) - where luck and the particulars of relative skill are the sole deciding factors.

I don't get the "sophistry" comment - so I cannot reply to it. Sorry.


p.s. Yes, of course, I'm assuming one does not freak out - but while that is a most relative skill, and a most difficult thing to learn, I would consider that elementary for anyone that is looking to come out of a fight, or that is likely to encounter weapon-wielding attackers. That's right up there with, you got to learn how to stand, how to breath, how to relax, balance, etc. - all very hard to learn, but all very elementary to such encounters.

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