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Re: Poll: How physically effective do you think aikido is against a real knife attack

David Valadez wrote: View Post
After all, if you want to improve your odds of coming out of a knife attack, you got to have at least the following:

- control space/distance/time prior to the encounter
- be better armed/equipped through the encounter
- or don't be in the encounter at all (be gone)

None of this has to do with technique.
This goes for any encounter with someone armed with a weapon in general. Your number two however I would say includes technique. Part of being better equipped through an encounter would be having technical proficiency.

of course the real kicker is even the best trained freeze in real situations and you don't know whether you will till you are in it, so the ideal world is your number 3, not to be in it. Not always possible. I am skeptical when people start talking about warrior mindset, to me it smacks of sophistry.

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