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Bruce Baker
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illicit a response?

It bothered me that O'Sensei had said something on this subject in an interview so I found the exact quote:

"In aikido, there is absolutely no attack. To attack means that the spirit has already lost. We adhere to the priniciple of absolute non-resistance, that is to say, we do not oppose the attacker, Thue, there is no opponent in aikido. The victory in aikido is "masakatsu agatsu" (correct victory, self victory) since you win over everything in accordance with the mission of heaven, you possess absolute strength."

I would take that to mean, if the rock is falling, you get out of the way or get crushed in accordance to what is happening. No emotion, no attachedment. You do what is to be done to resolve the situation, balancing violence with harmony that allows violence to destroy itself? From that, there is continuous victory with the self, and with the nature of what is?

That's enough, my head hurts from this deep stuff ...
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