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Re: O' Sensei's View on Sword Training

Yanir Hirshberg wrote: View Post
I agree, I was suprised to read it. Here it is, I just found the poem,

Qouted from "Budo Training in Aikido (Best Karate)" by Morehei Ueshiba.

What use to lean this sword work or that!
Cut off all thought of useless things.

This and that
Sword word you may learn
But for what?
Just completely
cut off thought [of useless things]

This poem is what made me post.
Hi Yanir,

He could just as easily said "technique" or "style" instead of "sword work"... For that matter, probably even "principle." The point of what he makes in this is very similar to that of many Zen writings. It seems to mean 'don't get caught.'

My books are in storage at the moment, but it is similar to this idea of "chase sayings and bury the hearty mind" which is a saying that I'm butchering

It is interesting that this is taken in some places as an admonition against sword work, but I suppose it depends on what the goal of the training is.

Good luck in your training,
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