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Re: iwama note, censored?

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
I think that what you have in mind is a typical 'win-win' situation, where everybody leaves the 'negotiaton encounter' feeling good about what has happened. You might think that this is so obviously desirable as to be beyond question. I disagree.

Earlier this evening, I had my seminar on 'Cross-cultural Negotiation'. I have seven students in my seminar: five Japanese and two Chinese. The text I am using is the latest edition of Negotiation, by Roy Lewicki & others. Lewicki uses the 'win-win' model, but all the students took issue with this negotiation model: it was too western, too 'American'. The Chinese students argued that negotiation was actually a form of warfare and all students agreed that honesty and openness were not necessarily conducive to successful negotiation. I was surprised, both at the strength of the opinions offered and at the unanimity.,
Peter, many thanks for including this, it is indeed fascinating and a revelation ... and something we'd hope folks in Foreign Service, multinational business, etc are aware of...doh!

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