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Re: Poll: How physically effective do you think aikido is against a real knife attack

Not very effective is my vote.
at least how standard aikido training is usually done.

If the person has a minimal knowledge of how to use a knife, they don't need to be an expert by any means, most aikidoka will be hamburger. As uke, your intent should always be to harm, but with the caveat of control. My intent to harm a beginner is slo-mo and in a very specific direction. My intent to harm my teacher is as best as I can do it as long I am aware his intention is on me and not divided saying something to the class. So I assume you are talking about something more than just good ukemi.

The most traditional knife attacks in aikido are not knife attacks, they are spear or sword(shoto/tanto) attacks.

I took to heart training I received from Dennis Hooker Sensei years ago. If you want to make your training applicable to a real knife attack you need to NOT use hanmi. You need to accept that you will get cut and understand the showstoppers. The showstoppers are where you cannot afford to get cut because your ability to continue effectively will be gone: throat, palm side of wrist, and leg tendon behind the knee. Your stance needs to minimize exposure of showstoppers while allowing mobility. I prefer the nonconfrontational thinker stance that can quickly transition into a stance Hooker Sensei calls an Uechi Ryu stance.

When we play freestyle, it quickly disabuses you of many notions that come from standard kata training.

of course the surprise attack also a real knife attack is by definition a very tricky thing and the only defense there is ki/awareness.


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