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Re: Poll: How physically effective do you think aikido is against a real knife attack

It's funny to be the first one, who votes - new experience.

While I think, aikido is very effective against a knife attack - all the concerns about effectiveness count as well in this case.

A qualified knife attack would never look like a typical training attack. To be effective in the defense you must train hard and enhance speed and quality of the attacks in order to act automatically.

In addition knives are very dangerous and it is always better to avoid the attack in total than trying to fight it.But when there is no choice and no helpful tool, the idea of 'instant victory' seems to be the best chance you have. If you do one good technique you might get hurt seriously and even the chance to get killed is valid. But if you doubt and hesitate in action, you are likely to get cut several times and bleed to death.

Again there is no rational to enter an unarmed fight with a highly skilled knife fighter, when there is no need. That is just a kind of suicide. But when an unexpected attack occurs, intensive aikido training gives you a valid chance to survive, which I count as 'very effective'.

My 2 cts

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