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O' Sensei's View on Sword Training

Hello all,

I'm new to Aikido. I just started a few months ago and I am excited about having discovered this fascinating martial art and way of life. I have many questions about Aikido but I would like to focus on one I just recently wondered.

I have read conflicting things about sword training in Aikido. I would like to know how important sword training is to understanding Aikido (aside from techniques designed to defend against one).

I have read that after O' sensei's passing sword training was removed from the curriculum at the hombu dojo, and before then it wasn't practiced in regular lessons. I have also read some of O' Senseis poems, one which stated (paraphrasing) that training in the sword arts was a waste of time. I wish I could qoute it, i have been having trouble finding it. I have also read other poems that make many references to sword practice.

We have a weapons class at my dojo which I started attending at which I practiced with the bokken. It was very interesting and fun and I felt I was developing a deeper understanding of stance and positioning to be applied in other techniques. I look forward to continuing it. But I guess I wanted to know why would the sword practice cease after O' Sensei's passing and is it important to practice sword techniques to understand the fundamentals of Aikido.


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