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Mark Jakabcsin
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Re: The Center

Following is a paragraph from 'nlp for lazy learning: how to learn faster and more effectively' by Diana Beaver (bottom of page 82).

"When clients come to me with broken bones, we do exercises in their imaginations; the leg may be in plaster but in its imagination it is running, jumping, walking - doing whatever its owner likes doing. All the micro-muscles are at work, and when the plaster comes off, the bone is well healed and the muscle wastage almost non-existent."

So by using visualization we alter or affect our bodies. I find this concept very interesting and wonder to what degree and to what affect can I use visualization in my training and daily life?

There was another post on this thread that the owner quickly deleted, not sure why, but the general jist of the post was that this individual did not know what moving the center meant or if it was even possible. He knew what moving from the center was but not moving the center and thought it might be a simple play on words. Good questions, IMO.

If we use the above information about visualization and apply it to moving the center what affect can be achieved? By visualizing moving the center can it help us move from the center? By visualizing moving our center can we apply the resultant affect into other movements, and if so, to what affect. Hint: The more detailed the visualization (too include feeling, sight, etc) the greater the affect. Caution: This type of exploration is not for everyone. Those interested must constantly struggle to increase the awareness of their bodies, thoughts and emotions.

Just a few thoughts to ponder and enjoy.

Take care,

Mark J.
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