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Re: Respect

In reading and posting on this web I have come to the solid realization that 'tone', what my mother and my friends mother's used to ask us to watch in our voices, is difficult to grasp on the web. Most especially if you haven't met the person in person, as it were.
A pithy theologian once offered a couple of words that I reflect upon and I would like to repeat here for mine and Your benefit:

"Love makes all the difference between what was said and what was heard."

I take this this way; I have to take the responsibility, as the reader, to invest love into the moment whether I Know if it was placed there by the author or not. Love is my tool of deeper understanding and Hearing is my responsibility; no matter what is or was said.

For those who have trouble with the words Love or God, they can be easily replaced with the words Innocence and Truest Nature (or try out your own).

Just a few more for fun:

"Be keenly aware of the world's call to judge, and love more the call of God to come home."

"If there's something in the eye, the whole body feels it."

"It should be obvious that the evidence of love, unity, and wholeness in our lives will begin to disappear whenever we choose to be special and seperate."

These words were written by Hugh Prather, a United Methodist Minister. The meaning is written in your heart.

In love,
jen smith

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