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Do symbol Re: Aikido for Drug/alcohol Rehab

[quote=Aran Bright;177041]
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I agree with you Marie, but how would a good instructor approach the subject of talking to someone they thought had a problem, so that you might suggest that they need further help?
This is exactly what worries me. I am not a spychologist. All I know is that this should definitely happen in private, let's say that Sensei justs tells the student that he needs to have a word with him in his office. Now, the student may not be willing to talk about this particular subject. Sensei will need to use a lot of tact, and, if he fails, he will at least know for sure now that this particular student does have a problem. Winning the student's trust can take time and patience. But at least, Sensei will be carefull to modulate his teaching methods and have extra patience with this particular student.
Could anyone out there with a knowledge in psychology step in?
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