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First, I would agree with those who have pointed out that, whether what they are seeking is really there, or not, many students first show up at an Aikido dojo because of Seagal Sensei's films. So he is doing, in a certain way, a service by spreading the word that Aikido exists.

In his films, his charater is often portrayed as a gentle person who would rather not fight (despite references to a shadowy past) and only does so to protect himself or often others. While some end up maimed, many do not die, and most are those you wouldn't shed many tears over---the film's villians are usually without any redeeming qualities.

Also has been said, and what I've posted several times before in other threads, we each have what we consider 'true' Aikido in our minds, and it is OK for us to differ.

Finally, I try no to question, for the above reason and a few others, anyone's true motivation in his pursuit of Aikido, lest I be questioned in mine.
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