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Ai symbol Steven Seagal a true Aikidoka?

Hi, i've recently read a news article about Steven Seagal and it reminded me of something.

Why is Steven Seagal regarded as a reputable 'Aikidoka'?

His movies conveys violent messages and is totally the opposite of what O-sensei or Aikido is teaching.

Even if 'it is just a movie'. If he were a true aikidoka, he could have made movies which shows how aikido can control a villian through non-violent means, and not just go, "Its time to die", and crack goes the neck.

Also, i've heard reports that he's not very nice in real life too.

Where has his Ai spirit gone to?

I have friends whose only knowledge of Aikido is Steven Seagal, and they think Aikido is a deadly violent art which is totally the opposite of what it is.

So, i am wondering why is everyone 'supporting' him? Should he be the 'black sheep' and not be related to aikido at all, although he has really trained in it. Maybe he should call it another name, Seagal-do? So that people won't associate it with what actually Aikido is actually teaching.

Just my thoughts. Sorri if i have offended any of his fans.
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