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aggressor, brakes at full speed using his leg and your ribs. Then keels over with a drop elbow on your exposed head. Says opps and dangnammit... Leaves the scene with a smirk on his face. (unless of course he was also an aikidoka who's conditioned to fly at a drop of a dime)
Of course this could happen (or something similiar) if you do any of the aikido technique's incorrectly outside the dojo !!!

But how does running away "blend with the incoming force" or "redirect it into a more positive direction". Or does that only apply to the training in the dojo?
I am not sure if this qualifies for answering your question but I'll tell you the story anyway.........
I once got into a bit of a scuffle with a little drunken irish man. At the time I had only done about 1 1/2 years of Karate (no Aikido). Myself & a few friends were walking home ,after a night at the pub, and physically stopped this chap from going swimming in the local river. Our reward for this good deed (for he was extremely drunk) was for him to accuse us of nicking his money and get angry. Naively I assumed my Karate pose and warned him off " I'm a student of Karate & don't want to fight etc..." Which was answered by him putting his hand in his back pocket and threating to cut me with an alleged blade. I knew from my karate training that if I had proper maai then he wouldn't be able to reach me. So as he advanced I backed off. As I backed off I had a great idea, which was to head towards the centre of town where I knew there would be lots of police. Soon after, we passed an extremely large man, who was going about his business in a notorious drug selling street. The irish guy, seeing that he wasn't getting any joy/action from me, started to shout at & insult this man. There was no doubt in my mind that if I let the irish guy continue then he would be in serious trouble. So I redirected him into chasing me again by taunting him & shouting that I was the one he really wanted to fight (thus saving him from a good kicking). I kept it up all the way back into town where the police finally had words with him.

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