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Bruce Baker
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There is a disparity of doing Martial Arts, and one who researches Martial Arts.

The practitioners of Aikido, if they train hard, use insight, and apply some skills from other arts have a completely comfortable world that will work well for a lifetime. This could also be a shortcoming?

I know whenever I see another style of martial art, I say, how does that work? Then I find out. Whether it is book, video, or personally talking to teachers and practitioners, I find out. Then, I try to find out how well what I know will work or not against it?

After almost thirty years of fixing mechanical and structural problems in boats and motors, I want to know the mechanical and underlying workings of most things. Take it apart, put it together, take it apart, put it together ... is that how it works!

If we are respectful of the synthesis of martial arts, as every nation steals what works, or invents new ways to overcome fighters of other nations, then no one nation ever entirely invents its own fighting methods, they are created over time and trial?

The big picture is .... some nations have excellent fighting methods, and ways to train to acquire them. China and Japan are two of them, but in ten thousand years of known history, war, and fighting, neither one has totally hidden a successful fighting method from the other for any length of time.

Hence, theivery, immitation, and parallel developements in fighting arts have happened around the world. I find it great that we are so priviledged to have the Japanese be our friends and teach us their way of life, and martial arts, but there are European, African, and even Native American fighting methods that resemble many of the Asian arts, if not in form, in execution and results.

I am so tired of reading and researching that I wish I could get one of those foot massagers for my whole body! OH, BABY!!

So, let's keep an open mind when studying Aikido? It tooks thousands of years of fighting, killing, and developement of martial arts before one man was able to give us a safer art to practice, but still have some bite with history hidden in its forms? Because if you do them properly, in the correct form, they translate in any other martial art as valid form, with a multitude of openings for other techniques.

Sometimes we are even on the exact pressure points, the size of a quarter, that could be used but are not. It is an available option, if you want to research and find how to use them, not use them, or simply understand the what many asian masters hand down to soke dai in their master notes? Your option? Your choice?

By the way, when O'Sensei was extending Ki to the tree, that is a basic healing exercise of exchanging energy within nature by the balance of Ki flow through the tree to strengthen the tree and human being. Found it in two or three books? Read, you might find something new!

What is really scary? O'Sensei's writings are starting to make sense ....
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