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Re: Atemi waza: good or bad for Aikido?

Charles Hill wrote: View Post

If I am reading you right, I think you might find it interesting to check out the approach to striking in Systema, Russian Martial Art. Striking plays a major role in the system and their healing applications and their affect on the nervous system is considered very important. At a seminar last year in Tokyo, Martin Wheeler showed how deep strikes placed correctly can take the fight out of a person by calming them down at the level of the psyche.

just a thought,
Hi Charles,
I would say that the use of striking in Systema is very much along the lines of what it should be in Aikido... The difference is that they spend a lot of time actually doing the strikes and they are VERY sophisticated at doing it.

In practice the striking is actually a form of massage in that they sense where you are carrying your tension and strike that spot. They can use their strikes to create tension so that they can then move your structure and they can strike you to remove tension. Their use of strikes is completely compatible with Aikido but it takes a lot of practice... you won't get it from just a couple seminars. To really be able to do the striking you need to do the conditioning work they do i.e. the push ups, sit ups and squats along with the breath control work.

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