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Hello Nathan

Welcome to the form and thanks for your question.

I've done other martial arts besides aikido including karate and kungfu before I started aikido.

Aikidoka dont use strikes in the same way as those who practice karate, TKD or forms of kungfu. In my experience, its used as an adjunct to taking balance and posture and in maintianing a state of unbalnce for the uke.

In the dojo I train at, we learn to punch and kick in order to do proper attacks and to understand the dynamics of a kick or punch in order to use aikido to blend with the attack.

That being said we are not students of karate, kungfu and/or TKD.

Also having trained at different dojos with different senseis, the emphasis on learning punches and kicks varies between dojos and senseis.

Hope this helps and I hope that you enjoy training in aikido.

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