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Re: Atemi waza: good or bad for Aikido?

Hello Larry, I think you may have misunderstood what I was trying to say. (I have a felling that we are saying the same thing)

I do not oppose in movement and static.
And opponent can overextend attack from movement or from being static. By the same token he can remain within his own space whilst moving, which is what enables use to do counter technique.

What I was taking about was more in line with the timing Xu brought about and which is present even in the earliest fighting manuacript albeit in different guise, the "before" and the "after" foe the medieval German, the true times for 17cent England or timing in modern combative.

Let's use your kihon static attack from yokomen.
If our opponent over extend: (I.E have his shoulder in front of his hips as he moves forward).
He can not mount an effective reply to the initial grab of ikkio (or any technique) so we are already in front of him. So even if he tries to remove his hand withou moving the rest of his boddy, which is quikest thing he can do, we are a step in front of him and we can use whatever he does to stay in front of him
If the atemi, like the one you describe goes with the normal functioning of the technique. (We are going to have to grab the elbow anyway) It can only re-enforce our being in front. So we might as well do it, but not doing it is not going to be detrimental either.

However hitting him in throat is spending that advantage and possibly stops him doing something that we are quite happy for him to do. As Napoleon said do not interrupt your opponent when he is making a mistake.
So you could say that in that case (strike to the throat) you either hit him or finish the technique

If our opponent is centred when he attacks:
Our initial grab if we take it on his own is exactly the same thing as us attacking him with one of the katatedori.
In those condition the atemi the one you do or an attack to face throat is capital for us to be in control (and need to be there at te same time or there about as the initail grab)
Either way we have created a situation when he can not substract his arm or we force him to move his body in a way that is favourable for our technique to develop (e g that is detrimental to him) so as in the previous case we are before him.

And other way to gain that control is to move and to force him to extend as he adjust his strike as he tries to hit us but that relies on him being fooled by us. But if that works we are in the same case as the first option.


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