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Re: iwama note, censored?

Of course I was aware this was off topic as I clearly mentioned in my post. I do not take these incidents too personally and I do not need to get them off my chest. I have enjoyed the training, and couldn't care less if the instructors believed that K. Ueshiba was a jerk or not, and if Saito sensei had the real technique of Osensei or not. The point is during a period of my life I took aikido very seriously, and was trying to train at any dojo of any style at any country I travelled to. The above incidents are the only instances where my affiliation and not my aikido abilities were criticized. Just to show you that this "allergy" is not very recent.

Joey Davis wrote: View Post
it's this type of response that simply invites a student of the Iwama style to then put down an aikikai dojo or two in response.

not only is it off the topic, it goes against everything that this thread is trying to get to - that we, the current students NOW need to encourage the habit of being friendly to one another.

there is plenty to bitch about on both sides I'm sure, but will that help the matter?

is that where you want to spend your energy?

what's means more to you - getting your story off your chest or learning from it and making sure that you never do that to anyone yourself?
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