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Originally posted by jimvance
What are the people in the helmets and hockey gloves doing with fukuro (?) shinai? Just curious.
What a bunch of sissies. Real Aikidoist's would have real blades honed to razor sharpness. They would seamlessly blend with full on attacks disarming their attacker with aplomb, delicacy and ease. Head and hand protection? Get real! That's the way we do it round these parts and the little old ladies like it that way too.

It must be a Friday or something.

More seriously, it's interesting this came up. I'd been thinking about headgear both for weapon takeaways (maybe because I got red stuff all over the mat last year and I didn't like it when it was my red stuff) and upping the strike ante. Also maybe getting some Paula Jones headgear and some of those 16 ounce gloves so people could up the edge a little bit in terms of strikes. Not sure about that latter part though.
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