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Re: iwama note, censored?

Joey Davis wrote: View Post
discussion is only part of the way to resolve an issue like this.

can anyone suggest any other, more active ways?

still waiting on Mr Isoyama's contact details so I can "put my money where my mouth is" and ask him myself.
I think OPEN discussion is the way to resolve an issue like this.

Behind closed door conversations that create undisclosed policy create divisions because people are still "in action". That is, they are acting out the policies.

Perhaps, though, a way to be more active in this isssue is to look around at your immediate aikido community and see if you find traces of segregation, traces of prejudice, traces of feuds.There is a legacy of segregating behavior that has come down through the generations. If you find that there is evidence, even on a small level, follow up on it with your Sempai or Sensei. Voice your concerns.Maybe even use the example of Iwama as your basis.

One of the beauties of aikido being an international art is that it can benefit from a cultural diversity of approach. We don't necessarily do things the way the Japanese have or do and that can be a very good thing. Just as we benefit from the restraint perspectives of the East, the East benefits from the freedom perspectives of the West. We're all in it together. There's no bad guy here. Only learning, refining and recreating for the purpose of misogi (cleaning our own houses collectively and individually).

Aikido is medicine for a sick world. Lets get well together.
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