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Re: iwama note, censored?

Joey Davis wrote: View Post

there was much discussion about this, mostly that it was all coming from one side and about not hearing from the other side.

it was inferred that the results of a certain meeting would achieve that balance, if no one else who was present during that time could do so.

the meeting in question was more than a month ago. no results have been posted. any inference to obligation refers to the fact that there should be an obligation on all of us to talk about and actively resolve an issue as upsetting as this.
I should clear up some possible misunderstanding. The Aikikai has never presented its opinion publicly on the Aikikai/Tohei split and has never presented its opinion publicly on the Aikikai/Iwama split. I understand that this was due to a deliberate decision. So there is no chance of hearing the other side of the story from the actual source. You might not like this, but there it is. And I am not going to break ranks here.

In Paris there were several hours of formal meetings following an agenda and I am now going through the Minutes of these meetings. When they are ready, they will appear on the IAF website. Discussions about Iwama did not take place during the formal meetings, but there were many hours of informal discussion about various topics outside the formal meetings.

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EDIT to Joey Davis.
Since it is not publicly available, I need to obtain Isoyama Shihan's permission before revealing his e-mail address to those he does not know. So I suggest you write to him at the e-mail address given on the Ibaragi Dojo website. You can find it on the English language site at

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