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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

Michael Quinn wrote: View Post
The problem with aikido is the way it is taught is not real for the street,
This is only a problem if your goal is to defend yourself on the street with what you learn. The way I learn aikido (shodokan) is not, as I understand it, directly preparing me for a fight - either in the MMA ring or in the street - and that's not a problem for me as the likelihood of me being in either of those situations is honestly quite low. In particular, it's not preparing me for a fight with a trained groundfighter, as the chances of that happening are pretty much negligible.

Don Magee wrote:
So the question becomes, do you know what you want from your training? Are you getting it? Are you being realistic and telling the truth about those two questions?
Can we write this above the door, or translate it into Japanese and hang it on the wall or something?
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