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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

OK, it's done to death, but if anything, then BJJ in the UFC made us all sit up and take notice- or ignore in the fantasy world if your protecting your ego or your income if you're teaching. kung fu had this in the 70s, now it's BJJ or M.T. . What's next?. The problem with aikido is the way it is taught is not real for the street, but the art in it's original form would. Many techniques have been removed, complience is order of the day, which does not make for testing your technique easy. The atemi , P/Ps, ground work etc were removed. I switched to Karate and found the outright face to face stuff difficult. in Aikido we react, which is dangerous in a self defence scenario. For you!. However, once you become aware of your limitations, then that is the first step, and believe it or not you are then on the road to being a proper martial artist. Aikido is a lovely art , and to be honest I wouldn,t want to change it. I don't practice very often, but I know it'ts there, and as I get older/slower etc, maybe Aikido would deliver what other arts could not. I am a martial artist for life, and see aikido as the long term option.
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