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Re: kendo, Iaido and aikido

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Welcome, Avi. I guess that's the point of Aikiweb, to provide a bit of info not otherwise as readily provided just prior to entering the dojo of a an art new to oneself. I hope you find a great deal of information during your investigation of aikido, whether it's for a year or ten.
thanks for the reception

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My primary reason for replying is that I'd love to get into kendo. Circumstances deter my involvement in aikido to a level I very much regret, and I find myself wondering whether this might be an opportunity to see what kendo might offer for myself.
Kendo is a lot of fun and very difficult. It is very different than most other martial arts and a lot less people stay. Im not trying to sound tough but the drop out rate is very high despite the fact that most took other martial arts prior to taking kendo. Finding a dojo alone is a lot tougher than finding an aikido dojo. Of course that is because there are only 8 million kendoka in the world most of whom are in japan. It is a lot of hard work and conditioning and a heck of a lot of fun. My life even outside of kendo really improved when i started kendo. for example my reflexes improved by leaps and bounds and so has my endurance and leg and arm strength(you try doing a 100 suburi a day and youll feel it too!)
Try if you can to get a Japanese kendoka sensei and also don't take kumdo(korean kendo) there is a huge difference.
ALSO 1 very important thing make sure you want to take KENDO and not IAIDO the two are very different. IAIDO or Battojutsu is the art of drawing the sword and then using it. It is entirely kata's and not actual sparring wereas kendo has 10 kata's but they are for teaching the basics of kendo. I take setei Kendo IAI and muso shinden Ryu and kendo at the same time since my dojo teaches both kendo and Iaido.

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Does Aikiweb have a counterpart web community in the kendo world?
Yes kendo world is there but it is only a forum. What it is part of is the Kendo World magazine whose website has a ton of info. But to find a dojo you should visit the All united states kendo federation and also your regional kendo federation, AND do a google search. That is very important since it is so traditional we kendoka have not embraced the web all that well. Something i hope to change when i get higher ranks hopefully. My username on kendo world by the way Is pugtm.

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It seems to me that the closest game in town(vineland, south NJ), is in Philadelphia. I suppose I'd take my own advice in the past, and look at the threads listed at the bottom of the screen to view related threads.
Im not sure what youre trying to say

also remember to ask around on kendo world many people know a lot more than me.

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