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Re: Iwama Tai Sai 1 year on from Gaku Homma's article "A Dangerous Message"


As I stated, I have no wish to be involved in this political issue: it is a political issue, even though you yourself did not call it such. However, I will briefly reply to your post. My replies are signalled PAG.

[quote=Joey Davis;176530][quote=Peter A Goldsbury;176526]

Joey Davis wrote: View Post
who is mentioning "politics?" the point, which is being overlooked, is that if people doing aikido cannot be friendly to one another, even in the midst of differences of opinion, it is a disgrace and discredits many of the fundamentals regarding the promotion of peaceful interaction between people.
PAG. In the original article, the allegation was made that one group had been banned from making friendly greetings with the other. I thought that the original discussion of the article already suggested that there had been no such ban.

The Aikikai-Iwama split is usually taken as an example of aikido 'politics', even though you did not specifically use this term.

I myself share your opinion, as expressed above, provided that cultural norms are also respected. Are you aware of the Japanese distinction between tatemae and honne? The distinction is fundamental in Japanese culture and is in play here.

In Japan people with opinions that differ regarding fundamental issues simply do not communicate with one another and this is not regarded as being unfriendly. The issue of friendliness simply does not arise. Non-Japanese may be horrified about this, and non-Japanese deshi in Iwama might not understand the issues here, but it is the case and has to be accepted as an example of differing cultural values.

Joey Davis wrote: View Post
a previous post of yours mentions "I will raise the question at the IAF Directing Committee Meeting, to be held in Paris in March 2007."
PAG. The relations between the Tokyo Hombu and the Iwama Dojo run by Hitohiro Sensei do not directly involve the IAF, so the issue was not raised directly. However it was discussed outside the formal meeting.

Joey Davis wrote: View Post
until now I have not seen any postings regarding this meeting and the situation in point. if they have appeared elsewhere could you please point me to them.
PAG. Try the IAF website.

Joey Davis wrote: View Post
having given your opinion extensively in the past, could you shed some light on your above meeting in regards to these incidents?
PAG. Ah, you have presented me with a dilemma. Having given my opinions extensively in the past about other issues, it would be inconsistent with my previous practice if I did not give my opinions about this issue. However, I will not do this here.

So I have a suggestion. If you wish to discuss this issue further, I suggest that you do so with Isoyama Shihan directly. If you PM me I will give you his e-mail address. He understands English, by the way.

Best wishes,

P A Goldsbury
Hiroshima, Japan
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