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I notice the first posts about this program were made near the end of 2004, and since the producers website states

"With an already rapidly developing
list of suggestions and requests,
we will keep on developing
Aikido3D with new volumes of
additional features and techniques!"

I wondered whether in the two and a half years since it came out, they had made any changes/additions to it. It still seems to be from 5th kyu to 1st kyu, but maybe they have added more techniques?
I received this email back in March:

Dear Aikido3D users and fellow Aikidoka,

I would like to thank you all for the great support and amazing feedback with the first Aikido3D title!

We have been getting many requests for some additional Aikido3D titles so we wanted to give everybody in the Aikido3D community a quick update.

Thanks to the great response to our survey within current users, we have decided to produce additional Aikido3D titles, based on your requests, suggestions and ideas.

From analyzing your feedback, it seems like there are three focal points of interest:
  1. Weapons (Bokken and Jo)
  2. Advanced techniques
  3. Ukemi and basic exercises
I am happy to let you know we have already started the work on these titles, scheduled for later this year.

As promised, the new titles (once available), will be offered to current Aikido3D users first, and at a special rate.

Last but not least, for those of you who have friends or relatives practicing Taekwondo, please visit or forward this link to them. We think they will appreciate you letting them know about TKD3D, an amazing training tool, now available for both WTF Style and Sport Taekwondo.

Shai Golan
Aikido3D Team

Anne Marie Giri
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