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Re: There is only one *TRUE* style of Aikido. . .

the reason why we are not doing o sensei 's aikido , his level is higher
end of story.

Hmm, I would rather say, we don't do o'sensei's aikido because we're simply not o'sensei

Aikido is not something exact. It is a system that needs to be adapted to the person doing aikido.

For example: I'm a student of Tomita Sensei. He's rather small.
I'm rather tall. That's not the same, is it ?

If I just copy his "style", off coarse it doesn't work.
This is why we need to understand the principles, and adapt those to our own body and situation.

So there's only one "style"? I don't think so ...
There's a set of basic principles (the laws of nature), that are the same for everything. But as long as we don't adapt these principles to our own situation, they don't work. Which is quite logic I think ...
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